Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Week

Well, Hi!
Last week was a busy one. Monday started out like any other day except that it was the first day of my 73'd year. Yep; I hit 72 on the 13th. Funny, I don't feel any different. If you take life one day at a time, it doesn't seem so bad. If you look too far back and remember how you were when you were, say, 50 - you start feeling old. Age sort of creeps up on you a little bit at a time. It's kind of like the shock absorbers on your car; you don't realize how bad they are until you put new ones on and feel how it used to be. So, don't spend too much time thinking back. Just keep going forward. If you drive looking in the rear-view mirror all the time, you will likely hit a tree or at least run off the road.
I think of aging this way: It is like trading a Geo Metro in for a Lincoln Navigator. The ride may be more comfortable but you run out of gas a lot sooner.
And, speaking of rides, we will be off to San Diego in June for Riley's high school graduation. Riley is our grandson. Family from all over the place will be gathering to see him off on his "train of life." He will be going to Cal. State, Chico to study electronic music production. I have a Yamaha digital piano but what he will be doing goes far beyond anything I do. He has been playing in a little band for about three years and really loves it so this will be a good direction for him to go. It puts him about 600 miles closer to us, too and that's not a bad thing. He has been in San Diego since 1999 and we have seen very little of him since. We remember being at the hospital in Fresno, California when he was born. He was about 20" long. He is now 6'3" tall!! Yikes!! He was a wonderful kid and has grown into a wonderful young man and we are so proud of him.
Well, I must away and prepare for work. Yes, I am still working but I am in the countdown mode toward retirement (again). I will be hanging up my spurs on May 30th. I have some mixed emotions about it. I love where I work and the people I work with and (most of) the customers I interact with on the phone on a daily basis. But I feel like I want to spend some time with my lady while we are still spry enough (now there's a novel thought) to do some things we have wanted to do. That's the most important item on our list.
So, you have a great day and I will be back to bore you some more later.
Bill & Almie

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